The Lost Wax Jewelry Making Technique

Taught by Steven Hanna
who has been lost in wax for over 30 Years

Every Tuesday Evening 7:30–10:00pm




Learn how to make your own jewelry!

In this creative sculpted method workshop, taught by Steven Hanna, you will learn how to make jewelry using the "Lost Wax Technique." 

Lost wax carving is an organic, free-form method of custom jewelry making. Using molten wax drippings we carefully build a rough form, which is then sculpted with special carving tools to form a ring, pendant or any other forms of jewelry. 

Your mini sculptures will then be sent to a professional foundry, and cast into silver in a specialized process where the wax melts away, thus the name: "Lost wax." Within two weeks, you will have your finished silver design back and you have now made your first piece of jewelry! We can do a little work in the finishing of the casting however the class is primarily working in wax. No soldering or setting is involved, although we do offer the services of our bench technician if the students so desire.

Beginners are welcome, no previous experience necessary. Play and experimentation are encouraged. More advanced students receive guidance on how to build a collection, develop a unique style, set prices, and market their jewelry. Most of Accents' resident designers have begun their careers in this class. Some have become recognized on a national level.

The workshop is kept small so that Steven can work with each individual person to bring out their own unique creativity and achieve their own personal goals. Class size is limited, so secure your spot today. Starter kit is included; just bring yourself & your imagination!

First eight weeks $325
Continuing eight weeks $200 (ongoing for advanced lessons) 
Please call (310) 396-2284 for more information.




“Thank you for EVERYTHING! You gave me the ability and the confidence and the inspiration to create something for myself that I can have for the rest of my lifetime. I’ve had so many art teachers over the years, but you are one of the only ones that made me feel like I really could be an artist. Thank you for being my mentor & my friend.” Rebecca O’Neil, R+D

“Steven Hanna is one of the most influential mentors in my life. Taking his lost wax jewelry making workshops has been a life-changing experience; his teachings give me strength in dealing with artist blockage and freeing up a new realm of creativity within me.” Sze Jones

"Having Steven’s support & guidance means more than I could ever put into words. I wouldn’t be were I was today if it wasn’t for him. I can’t thank him enough." Tyson Miller, T. Morgan Made

“It’s rare to find such a generous human being who is so open & supportive of your personal & professional growth. I’ve gained many invaluable life experiences through working for Steven. I value his advice and suggestions. He has created such a unique environment in Accents. His special eye & incredible talent have made it a true gem on Main Street & I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future!” Melissa Contreras, Axelhoney Jewelry

“Steven's constant generosity and encouragement create a magical working environment. I can't thank him enough for the opportunity to have him as my mentor and as my friend. He brings this calm yet strong energy into his guidance, kind of like a big wave” Sarah Sztykiel, Mushka

“Steven has been a mentor to me in the art of wax carving. He has also taught me that one of the most valuable things that an artist can know: The Creativity is in you” Sofia Kaman

“I wouldn't be where I am now in my career without Steven's help. I know the core of it comes from within me, but at the same time having someone like Steven offering design and business advice is invaluable to me. He's helped me to expand my own style, and keeps me focused and positive about my abilities as a designer.” Amery Carriere Amery Carriere Designs

“After taking Steven's class (and adding casted designs to my beaded line) my sales at the trade shows doubled.” Jill Pearson, Wasabi

“Steven is magic. He teaches each student the basics, then waits to see where their creativity takes them. Learning the skill is essential, but developing my own style was the greatest lesson learned in those classes.” Eileen Russel, Eileen Russel Designs

"It has been a great learning experience being one of Steven's apprentices. I can not thank him enough for the generosity of sharing his knowledge of design, production and business in the jewelry industry; not to mention his time. He nurtured my growth and capability of becoming a better designer. His guidance, advice and positivity will always stay with me wherever I go"Maya Nishimura, Ileava