A Venice California native and avid surfer, Steven Hanna has been designing jewelry with a strong fashion sense for over 30 years. Created with the adage “mind less, feel more,” Steven’s designs follow a theme of soft and sensual silhouettes with a focus on luxury craftsmanship and attention to detail that has brought to life hand-sculpted creations like no other.

Starting out as a sculptor in the early 70s, Steven was soon making wearable designs using the "lost wax” hand carving technique. By combining Venice "hippie" with Hollywood "hip" he became one of a handful of local designers who could blend counterculture with pop culture, transcending trend. Steven draws inspiration from all shapes in nature—from the human form to the ocean waves—to build complete collections boasting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Markedly organic in design, Steven considers each piece with his trademark soft edges and sensual shapes to be “sculpture to enhance the body.“

In the fall of 1987, Steven opened Accents Jewelry Design in Santa Monica, CA. His custom designs are in the collections of celebrated actors and musicians, many of whom frequent Accents regularly. Accents continues to have a gallery feel, offering a vast array of "wearable art," from local, national, and international jewelry designers, with an emphasis on in-house designers.

Steven takes great joy in the success of his vision and continues to evolve and grow with some of the most innovative and forward designers in the country, many of which came out of Steven’s own “lost wax carving” workshops. His ability to help students connect with their own personal style has led his name to become synonymous with mentor, muse, and designer. Some of Steven’s students who have gone on to successful careers of their own include Jill Pearson of “Wasabi,” Sofia Kaman of “Kamofie Designs,” Irene Neuwirth, Maya of “Ileava,” Amery Carriere, and Johanna Torell.