Handmade in Santa Monica, California
Designer Owned & Operated Since 1987 

After wholesaling his jewelry designs in all fifty states Steven Hanna focused on a store that he had envisioned that would be like no other, in an area where he had lived and surfed since the age of 12.

Steven opened Accents in 1987 on Main Street in Santa Monica. The concept behind Accents was to bring together many of the artists Steven knew, and designers he had met at trade shows and craft fairs as there were very few jewelry galleries at that time. It was essential that their craftsmanship be unique and they were passionate about the work. Also important they were fashion savvy and conscientious about fair prices toward our Accents target market. Today we have 30 lines that are carefully selected to fit with the vision of Accents. Steven loves to discover new talent at trade shows and carry their lines as they grow into accomplished designers. Many of Accents curated designers appreciate the independent stores (just like Accents customers) so their work is not available at chain stores. This means at Accents you will get a unique piece that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

In 1991 Steven began teaching a weekly workshop on Lost Wax Carving. He began mentoring a few of his students who we interested in becoming jewelry designers. They then began working at Accents as apprentice designers and the Accents apprenticeship program was born. Now every employee working at Accents is a designer with his or her lines showcased in the store. The apprentice designers are all trained to make adjustments that customers might request on the spot. We are proud to say that every former apprentice employee that worked at Accents for three or more years are supporting themselves with their jewelry designs. Many of their lines are still available in the store as the Accents family of designers continues to grow.

Today nearly 50% of the jewelry sold at Accents is designed and created by Steven and the Accents staff. This includes our in-house line Ashland and Main created by the Accents staff which reflects fashion-forward necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at fair prices. Since the beginning Accents has been a destination for happy couples about to walk down the aisle looking for just the right custom wedding ring.

Accents has become a favorite shopping spot for locals and visitors alike with its constantly changing, unique of the moment styles. The personal friendly services, affordable prices, and great music create a community where people come to socialize and shop. Accents continues to have a gallery feeling offering wearable art and creative designs and a relaxed friendly attitude that makes all feel welcome. Come and visit us.


Learn more about us in this video, or come visit us in person at the store!


In Steven’s words after opening.