Custom Work

"I could not have had a more positive customer experience at each step along the way. I was interested in a custom piece, but had no prior experience in designing or conceptualizing jewelry. Thankfully, Steven Hanna was very patient and helped me arrive at a design -- and, ultimately, final product -- that exceeded any expectations I had before going into it. The entire process from start to finish was a delight." Max

"Tyson is an incredibly talented artist and jewelry designer!  When we got engaged we wanted rings that were unique and meaningful to us. We loved Tyson's style of modern meets natural. We asked him to use photos of our favorite sculpture in Sydney to make a ring inspired by it. The rings are incredible and we get asked about them all of the time. My husband and I couldn't be happier. We will definitely go back to Accents and Tyson for future pieces." Nikki. K

“Corinne designed and crafted my beautiful, original, one of a kind, romantic engagement ring. I couldn’t be more in love with this ring unless it was my husband itself. It’s so incredibly unique and I literally get a compliment on it every day. I am thrilled with everything about it, from the choice of the stone to the modern, yet classy look, to the metal work. She is a true artist and I am so lucky I get to wear a piece of her work on my hand every day.” 

"Johanna, The ring is absolutely magnificent,... unbelievable... so happy... thank you so much... just what I dreamed about... you are the very best."

"Steven, It's very clear that you pour your heart and soul into your work, and I think that positive energy emits from every piece. Thank you for your amazing work, your humble calm presence, and your positive vibes. It's nice to know good people still exist in this world." Blake

"Hi Steven, The ring has arrived safely and wow! Thank you so much, it looks great. You've exceeded my expectations, it's epic! I have one stoked fiance! Many thanks from us both you're a legend and absolutely nailed the ring." Simon

“Hi Steven, I came to pick up my ring the other day but you weren’t in. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful everyone thinks it is. It really came out more perfect than I expected. A sincere thank you for your talent.” Gabi

"Steven + Johanna, Thank you for the beautiful rings! We had an unforgettable day and you will both be a part of our big day for as long as this thing lasts. FOREVER”
Garrett + Eileen

"I had a great experience at Accents Jewelry. Steven did an amazing job! I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but after discussing a few ideas with Steven we finalized the concept.  I just picked up the ring today, and couldn't be happier (my girlfriend feels the same way). If you're looking for a great jeweler and jewelry store in Los Angeles, I suggest stopping here first." Todd

  "Corrine created the most beautiful custom rings for my husband and me. Her designs are clean and organic looking absolutely unique. REALLY LOVE HER!” Julia

"Thank you so much Steven. Your patience, brilliance, and creativity is unparalleled" Janna and Tony

"Hi Steven, Thank you so much for making these beautiful little works of art for us. We absolutely made the right decision and are so grateful for all your help, special attention, swiftness, care, and patience in the process. No one could have done a better job. They feel so very personal and I can tell how much attention you paid to the craftsmanship. Thank you again! All best wishes,” Jocelyn

"Steven, she said yes! I wanted to let you know the good news. My fiance loves her ring and so does everyone else that lays eyes on it. Thank you very much for help making my ideas become reality.” Eric Rydquist

"Hi Steven, I want to thank you so much for creating our perfect rings! We love them." Laurie C.

“Steven, Gray and I wanted to thank you for our beautiful rings. Our unique style was only satisfied by visiting your store. When we decided to get married we came in to look for engagement rings and immediately found what we were looking our size. Also, the custom ring that you designed for me after all our detailed directions, turned out just perfect. Thank you again.” Katie and Gray O'Brien

"My ring is absolutely wonderful. Steven, thank you for your love and care." Kathryn Dobb

“Corinne has designed two beautiful rings for me. They are exquisite! So unusual, delicate, just what I wanted. My one-of-a-kind rings are real works of art and will be treasured for many years to come.’’

“Hello Steven Hanna, Wedding Ring Wizard!
Sandy and I wanted to write and tell you that WE LOVE OUR RINGS and we are so grateful to you for taking the time to get these to us so quickly. They are beautiful and simple, wonky and so us. Thank you again for being so wonderful and accommodating and for producing such lovely rings. We lucked out in finding you, that's for sure, but I also knew as soon as I saw the ring online that it was the one. Your fans” Meghan and Sandy

Accents Reviews 

"Fantastic selection on beautiful, modern styles. This company is not only a great asset to the community, but also to local jewelry designers. Steven really nurtures designers in his shop, as well as aspiring designers in his classes." Jessica Herman

"Steven is the best jewelry designer and his team is great with customers too. I am a world traveler and going to accent is always a pleasure and feels like home." Christian Ginet

"Very happy with the service and the selection. Beautiful pieces." J. Konugres

"It's a great store, a Main Street must see." Lisa Goldman

"The merchandise is unique & creative. The staff is really friendly." Evan Mindell

"Bought our wedding rings here!!! Every time we go in there are so many cool, unique designs. And you know you're buying something that no one else has.” MassageRevolution88

"Creative and Natural art that blends lovely with the environment.” Mon Luecha

"I've been a customer of Accents Jewelry for twenty years. I still wear every piece I've purchased!” Sherry Brourman

"They have a very friendly staff, and a great, eclectic selection, wide range of items...great for holiday shopping!” Michelle

"I got my wedding ring from accents. I loved how their designs were so unique and beautiful. We ordered it from out of state and they were all so nice and it came exactly to our order. We loved them! ” Kelly

"Their collection is nothing short of wonderfully creative. The approach they take making their designs is old world and, for me, makes it that much more exciting as they take it to new levels each and every year. It's like watching creative energy at work before your eyes. Their collection is very a deep and personal display of their soul which makes for a beautiful experience for the buyer as well.” Tess Rogers

Accents Apprenticeship Program

"It has been a great learning experience being one of Steven's apprentices. I can not thank him enough for the generosity of sharing his knowledge of design, production, and business in the jewelry industry; not to mention his time. He nurtured my growth and capability of becoming a better designer. His guidance, advice and positivity will always stay with me wherever I go.” Maya Nishimura, Ileava


"Steven, Thank you so much for being an inspiration and a huge role model in my life!  You have helped me in so many ways. Words can not express it enough." Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Carly Mills


“Steven Hanna is one of the most influential mentors in my life. Taking his lost wax jewelry making workshops has been a life-changing experience; his teachings give me strength in dealing with artist blockage and freeing up a new realm of creativity within me.” Sze Jones

"Having Steven’s support & guidance means more than I could ever put into words. I wouldn’t be where I was today if it wasn’t for him. I can’t thank him enough." Tyson Miller, T. Morgan Made

“It’s rare to find such a generous human being who is so open & supportive of your personal & professional growth. I’ve gained many invaluable life experiences through working for Steven. I value his advice and suggestions. He has created such a unique environment in Accents. His special eye & incredible talent have made it a true gem on Main Street & I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future!” Melissa Contreras, Axelhoney Jewelry


“Steven's constant generosity and encouragement create a magical working environment. I can't thank him enough for the opportunity to have him as my mentor and as my friend. He brings this calm yet strong energy into his guidance, kind of like a big wave.” Sarah Sztykiel, Mushka

“Steven has been a mentor to me in the art of wax carving. He has also taught me that one of the most valuable things that an artist can know: The Creativity is in you” Sofia Kaman, Kamofie Designs

“I wouldn't be where I am now in my career without Steven's help. I know the core of it comes from within me, but at the same time having someone like Steven offering design and business advice is invaluable to me. He's helped me to expand my own style, and keeps me focused and positive about my abilities as a designer.” Amery Carriere, Amery Carriere Designs

“Steven is magic. He teaches each student the basics, then waits to see where their creativity takes them. Learning the skill is essential, but developing my own style was the greatest lesson learned in those classes.” Eileen Russell, Eileen Russell Designs


“Thank you for EVERYTHING! You gave me the ability and the confidence and the inspiration to create something for myself that I can have for the rest of my lifetime. I’ve had so many art teachers over the years, but you are one of the only ones that made me feel like I really could be an artist. Thank you for being my mentor & my friend.” Rebecca O’Neil, R+D